PBN Secure May Protect Web Assets

If your online business involves actively building and ranking websites, you are likely up to date on commonly used methods that are practiced towards the purpose of increasing a website’s rank for its target keyword(s). And if you have been around long enough, you would also be familiar with how popular practices change as often as search engines decide to take action against them for any given reason. In fact, whenever search engines decide to update their algorithms as a response to something they believe to be a violation of Webmaster Guidelines, common practices are either modified significantly or eliminated altogether.

cyberlockThe Private Blog Network – commonly referred to as PBN – is a unique case in my opinion. On the one hand, it doesn’t lend itself to blatant spam in the same way link building tools like GSA Search Engine Ranker might. Other popular practices that were blatant spam when I became an Internet Marketer included getting your hard link on as many websites as possible, preferably those with high PR. While it was recommended that the target website is related to the money site’s niche, specifics and quality didn’t really matter. In other words, if a website about dog training had their naked URL published all over the Internet on completely unrelated websites, there was a time when that would help it rank higher, so it became a popular ranking technique. But in the end, it was unnatural link building and it involved selling links which is a serious violation of Webmaster Guidelines on any search engine.

So why do I think Private Blog Networks are a unique case? Well, a PBN could very well consist of high quality informative articles that benefit the World Wide Web. And if a website owner posts their links on a PBN, it is always within a body of content that is related to the website being linked to. In other words, it would be a contextual backlink which is the highest quality and most relevant backlink that exists for obvious reasons. But technically, it is still unnatural and it still involves spending money on websites that were previously under someone else’s ownership, ultimately towards the purpose of increasing the ranking of another website. Therefore, while it can be argued this has more merit than previous methods, it is still unfortunately falls into the category of unnatural link building.

The reason private blog networks are difficult to expose is revealed in their very name. In case you missed it, they are meant to be PRIVATE. The websites within these networks do not reveal their owner’s real identity and they are supposed to be hosted on different IP addresses from different companies to avoid leaving footprints and that’s because when search engines are hunting for PBN, they look for footprints. For the most part, if the owner of a PBN was responsible and organized enough to hide their identity and use different hosting companies, they would stay under the radar and remain safe and effective, but this is quickly changing.

As of September 2014, it has become necessary for webmasters to invest in PBN security tools like PBN Secure. In a recent PBN Secure review, the WordPress plugin was verified as effective in successfully blocking some of the deeper footprints, such as IP Address ranges. In addition, it protects PBN users by safely modifying the directories hosting files within their websites and changes the .htaccess file to block unwanted bots from accessing the sites, among other features.

Building a PBN is considered a costly investment, particularly if the websites within a PBN are considered to be high quality with high domain authority and/or Pagerank. Because of this reason, along with the fact Google has deindexed several networks in September, it would be extremely foolish – in my opinion – for owners of these networks to sit back and assume everything will be fine if they keep doing what they are doing. I always advocate playing the safe move instead of operating from assumptions and PBN Secure is the safest move right now.

Quit Smoking Tips – There Are Lots But Will Any Work For You?

Lately, I’ve been having this vivid and lucid dreams, where I’m a chain smoker, and eventually I quit. It was really interesting because I was this old 60 year old women, who has literraly dying, because I couldn’t breathe. It was the years of smoking that did me in. And it was just a bad habit. How you guys can find this article below useful, I did a lot of research on it.

If you are looking to stop that nicotine habit you will be looking for some quit smoking tips. Such tips are not very hard to find, the question is; which ones will work for you? Rather than just list a bunch of tips, let’s take a look at it from a different angle. This is why it is not easy just to stop, and how you can positively react to the withdrawal symptoms that are certain to come your way.

Why not just stop?

If only things were so easy! Nicotine is highly addictive and if you have been smoking even for a short time your body is dependent upon it. So, like any drug addict if you simply try to STOP, you body and mind reacts strongly against this because it craves that nicotine.

We will go back to this point at the end of the article, but first let’s understand the most difficult stages and what symptoms you can expect:

Critical times and symptoms

The first 3 days. That is 72 full hours! are the most difficult. You WILL experience a number of physical symptoms as your body withdraws from nicotine.

These withdrawal symptoms come on quickly, and will usually start between 30-60 minutes after your LAST cigarette. This will peak between 2 and 3 days later. Dependent upon your body make-up these withdrawal symptoms can last for a few days to several weeks.

Not pleasant – The symptoms and possibly you!

The symptoms are not pleasant, but remember that they are only temporary. Stick with things and they will get better. This is because those nasty toxins in your body are being flushed away. Make sure you tell your family and friends that you may be a ‘little’ on the grumpy side, explain that you will not be yourself, and you really would appreciate their support and help quitting smoking.

A note to yourself!

Get a mental post-it note stuck to your feelings and reactions. It should state: Count to 10 (at least), before you react to a situation (every situation!) that is annoying you.

Cigarette cravings

These are at their most intense during the first week and at their peak during the first 3 days. You need willpower and determination to wait out these cravings. Do something that will distract you, or get up and take a brisk walk. If any of the family or a non-smoking friend is around then ask them to join you.

Impatience and irritability

The likelihood is that you will be more impatient and irritable than you could imagine. This will generally last for between a fortnight and one month. Try to get into some form of exercise, consider relaxation techniques and avoid caffeine as much as possible. This is not just in tea and coffee, but the soft drinks you may well be used to. Fruit juices help, and plenty of water is a godsend.


This can be one of the more frustrating symptoms. You go through hell during the day and then lie awake at night unable to get to sleep. Because this symptom can last for between a fortnight and one month it demands that you have several quit smoking tips up your sleeve. If the first doesn’t work then try the next and keep going down your list until you find one that does.

No caffeine after 18.00hrs is a must. Caffeine will keep your mind active and when trying to sleep it is the last thing you want. If exercise is an option, then go for it, and once you are finished take a nice warm bath and soak for longer than normal.

Replace the bedroom TV with books

Get rid of that television in the bedroom and replace it with books.

Your reading during this first month of non-smoking should be something that you really enjoy, if you have a favourite author then hunt down their books, if you have a favourite book that you would like to read again; then go for it, and while you may think it is a good idea to get a pile of books in before you stop smoking, think again.

When you have stopped smoking you will need something to occupy your mind, use this time to go browsing bookshops, charity stores and go to the library. All of these ‘diversions’ will keep your mind off that evil nicotine.

If you are interested in a particular topic find a book that covers it in an interesting fashion and read away until those eyes start to droop.


This symptom could be related to insomnia, if you are feeling extra tired don’t push yourself too much, ease back on things and if you need the odd nap then go for it, but not for too long otherwise you will not sleep at night.


You will feel far hungrier for weeks on end. Don’t eat everything that comes into view, but equally don’t be afraid to have lots of low calorie snacks, fresh fruit and nuts lying around. Taking on board vitamins for smokers and supplement these with water or low-calorie drinks. Please do not beat yourself up if you put on a few extra pounds.

Think Positive

This is one tip you do need to take on board. It is important if you are to succeed in anything you try to achieve, but in terms of stopping smoking it is vital. If you feel the need to use products to help quit smoking then assess the benefits and any potential downsides, and if you feel they will help then don’t hesitate to try.

Cold Turkey

I said we would come back to it. Many of those who have managed to stop smoking feel this is the most effective way of quitting. They will also admit it is not the easiest. You need determination, you need willpower, and you need to keep those thoughts extra positive if you are to attempt it, but in terms of top quit smoking tips it is certainly the most direct you can ever use.